Citing This Site

These posts are demonstration projects, a presentation of preliminary research on primary sources. We are both trained academics and so are familiar with the tools of scholarly research and take seriously the responsibilities that go along with when presenting this type of information to the public. The information provided here is as accurate as possible. If something can’t be verified by a secondary source, we either leave it out or acknowledge the limitations of our own research.   These essays are NOT peer reviewed or in any other way vetted by other scholars. Scholars and students who wish to use these materials should take care to provide support for their work above and beyond what is presented here.

Researchers should also be aware of the University of Hawaii’s guidelines for using material from the RASRL Collection. Although most of the papers in the collection are anonymous (redacted or turned in with no identifying information), researchers should be conscious of the  fact that the RASRL writers often discuss details that are sensitive or might have been embarrassing to family, friends or their descendants. We avoid the use of personal names or other identifying information, but will provide enough information in the citation to allow researchers to find it in the Collection.  If a paper or relevant information has previously been published or made public, we have used identifying information as appropriate.

If you use this website, please cite it according the appropriate style guide.  The author of each post is identified by our site names: “chriskk” is Chris Kirk-Kuwaye and “DrLoriAnne” is Lori Pierce.